Close Quarters Handgun, Alpha Range, McHenry Ill, two classes, 9/19 and 9/20, 2015

Event Date: Saturday, September 19, 2015
Event Time: 8-5 and 9-6
Chuck Haggard with Agile Training and Consulting will be providing a Close Quarters Deployment of Handguns class at the ALPHA RANGE 5002 West Elm Street (Rt. 120) McHenry, Illinois, Sept 19th and a second class on Sept 20th, 2015.
This class will cover;
• Issues with defensive use and deployment of handguns at close and very close ranges
• Considerations in drawing a handgun at contact and near contact ranges, entangled in-fight weapons access issues, and drawing/firing from non-standard positions
• Close quarters shooting,
• Weapon retention and disarming/deflection,
• Working around bystanders or family members in close quarters and the “down-range” problem,
• Wound ballistics and “Tactical Anatomy”,
• Malfunction clearances with one and two hands,.
Student requirements:
A reliable/serviceable service-sized semi auto pistols 9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP, etc., preferred.  However, smaller concealed carry, sub-compact or back-up guns may be brought to class and their use discussed and worked on.

A quality strong side or appendix carry outside or inside the waistband holster from which the shooter can safely draw and re-holster with one hand.  Soft clip-on or nylon type holsters, or holsters that collapse and disallow reholstering with one hand, or shoulder holsters, are unsuitable for this type of training.

A minimum of 3oo rounds is needed for this class, UPDATE; I was recently informed that steel cased/jacketed ammunition is not allowed on this range.
I can provide dummy ammunition in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP.  If you have dummy ammunition that you prefer to use or you are using something besides one of those three calibers please feel free to bring that with you.
Eye and hearing protection; active type shooting muffs are suggested.
Ball cap or other hat/cap with a bill.
I will be providing dummy handguns for some of the training in this class.  I have several Glock 17/22 sized dummy guns and other types of handguns.  However, if a student has a dummy gun of their own that they use for training then feel free to bring that to class.  Please advise me when e-mailing to register what type of handgun you will be using so that I can try to having a matching dummy gun available for this class.
Class will run 0800-1700/8am-5pm on the 19th, with an hour lunch, and 0900-1800hrs for the class on the 20th.
There will also be an OC spray class the Friday night before, that class will be posted separately.
Class size is limited to a maximum of 12.  Cost is $125/person.  There is an additional $25 range fee. Cancellations within 14 days may forfeit deposit.  Paypal/Money Order/Personal Check accepted.
Contact me directly, for registration;
 Alpha Range website;
Agile Training and Consulting