OC Spray/Less Lethal Weapons Instructor, SLC area UT, April 19th, 2020

Event Date: Sunday, April 19, 2020
Event Time: 0800-1800hrs

This class was created as an instructor level course for non LEOs covering the subject of less than lethal options for non cops/CCW carriers or even off duty cops.

This class is suitable for anyone wanting to take a deep dive into the subject of avoiding being the victim of a “street crime”, or folks who are CCW or firearms instructors and who want to expand their knowledge base beyond the gun. As I have noted in my short blocks on this subject at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, we should have options between “a harsh word and a gun”.

This class will run 8-10 hours, depending on student numbers, due to the extensive amount of drilling and material presented.

This course will cover the subject of less than deadly force defensive tools and tactics, with an emphasis on OC spray as a defensive tool.

Also addressed are how to avoid becoming a crime victim, tactics of the street criminal, the MUC paradigm (Managing Unknown Contact) and where less than lethal weapons come into play on avoiding becoming a victim of violent crime, de-escalation tactics, verbal agility, transitioning to deadly force (if appropriate), product selection, low light issues, and interactive student scenario/skills drills.

Students will need to bring a dummy pistol and holster (if they are a CCW carrier, instructor, etc.) in order to fully participate in all of the drills. Otherwise only note taking materials are required.

There will be no live OC spray used in this training, only inert training spray units.