Return to WI, Racine County Line, June 15, 2019, Pocket Rockets (aka Small Pistol and Snub Revolver skills)

Event Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019
Event Time: 0800-1700hrs

This class is a full day expanded version of the popular training classes I’ve conducted at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference under the titles of Snub Revolver Skills and Small Pistols; Practical Practice with Pocket Poppers.

This training will explore the carry and use of these small handguns as EDC or back-up carry guns, the non standard techniques often needed to run these small handguns efficiently and effectively, and the important differences in how they need to be run vs full sized handguns.

Topics covered will include;

Grip, weapon handling, marksmanship, sighting and trigger control, maximum effective range


Malfunction clearing

Ammunition selection, wound ballistics and Tactical Anatomy to maximize the effectiveness of these small guns. A ballistic gelatin demonstration shoot will be conducted as part of this class.

Primary and alternate carry methods, such as inside the waistband, belly bands, appendix carry, ankle carry, pocket carry, off body carry.

Students need to supply range gear (hearing and eye protection, etc.), a safe, drop safe, and functional handgun, at least 200 rounds of ammunition for centerfire handguns, 300 for rimfire handguns, a safe method of carry for their handgun. Students may bring more than one handgun and switch between them if they so choose if they want to get practice in with more than one.

I am often asked “What do you mean by small handguns?”. Well, this depends of the hand size of the shooter. “Small handguns” are those that are enough smaller than service sized guns that alternated techniques need to be used to run them effectively. The list includes but is not limited to guns such as Glock 26, 42 and 43, Sig 365, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCR and S&W 642 snub revolvers, etc. Safe and reliable rimfire handguns, such as the .22lr versions of the LCR, or S&W 43c/317/etc would also be appropriate for this class.

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