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Active mass murder, aka “active-shooter” events……

Today seems like a good day to repost this one. I’ll note that the only historically proven way to stop an active mass murder in-progress is for an armed solo responder, be they “civilian” or cop, to start shooting back: Solo response to the active-shooter Although I […]

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Glock trigger improvements

Awhile back in a FB discussion thread I asked Freddie Blish of Robar about getting some of the Glock trigger parts from my guns coated with NP3 to try and slick things up as far as trigger pull. Freddie graciously offered to have me send it a […]

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To gun or not to gun, that is the question….

Guns are not in fact for everyone, and that’s a fact.  Seeing a post from my friend Claude Werner on Facebook prompted me to start thinking about that subject again. “Deciding whether to carry, or even own, a gun is an intensely personal decision on the order […]

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