Close Quarters Handgun (TN)

Event Date: Sunday, October 18, 2020
Event Time: 8-5

This class deals with the following subject matter:

  • Tactics, techniques, and issues with defensive use and deployment of handguns at close and very close ranges
  • Considerations in drawing a handgun at contact and near contact ranges, entangled in-fight weapons access issues, and drawing/firing from non-standard positions
  • Efficient draw stroke,Close quarters shooting,Grip, trigger control, recoil control,Weapon retention and disarming/deflection, striking with pistols
  • Working around bystanders or family members in close quarters, and the “down-range” problem,
  • Wound ballistics, ammunition selection and “Tactical Anatomy”,
  • Reloads,Malfunction clearances with one and two hands.

Student requirements:

  • A reliable/serviceable handgun; service-sized pistols 9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP, etc. are preferred. However, smaller concealed carry or back-up pistols may be brought to class and their use discussed and worked on.
  • A quality strong side or appendix carry outside or inside the waistband holster from which the shooter can safely draw and re-holster with one hand.
  • Soft clip-on or nylon type holsters, or holsters that collapse and disallow re-holstering with one hand, or shoulder holsters, are unsuitable for this type of training.
  • Please do not use a Serpa holster unless you are required by agency policy to carry one
  • A minimum of 300 rounds is needed for this class (if you like to shoot, you might want to bring more, but 300 will get you by…)
  • I can provide dummy ammunition in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP for use in some of the drills we will be conducting. If you are carrying a caliber different than one of these please bring six dummy rounds in the correct caliber with you.
  • Eye and hearing protection; active type shooting muffs are highly suggested so that range commands can be clearly heard.Ball cap or other hat/cap with a bill.

I will be providing dummy handguns for some of the training in this class. I have several Glock 17/22 sized dummy guns and other types of handguns. However, if a student has a dummy gun of their own that they use for training then feel free to bring that to class.

This is a class hosted by Condition-1 Firearms Academy at a range near the listed rally point. I am told a 4×4 vehicle is required to get to the range. Anyone interested in this class will be given instructions as to how to get to the range. The morning of the class we will be meeting at the listed location to go as a group. I will have room in my truck for a couple of people in case they don’t have a vehicle capable of making that trip. I am told by the host that this is SOP for their classes and has been very successful in the past.There is a $10 range fee for this class payable to Condition-1 Firearms Academy

Location: 4377 Skelley Road; Santa Fe, TN 38482 (Nashville area)

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