Low Light Pistol, Tallgrass Shooting Sports near Manhattan KS

Event Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Event Time: 1600-2100hrs

his course will cover the live fire skill sets needed to effectively utilized a pistol in a low light environment in conjunction with white light.

Subjects covered;

Equipment choices, including what handgun, sights, flashlights, holsters

Utilizing a pistol in conjunction with a hand held light in a search scenario

Safely and effectively utilizing a handgun with a weapon mounted light

Utilizing a light as a force multiplier tool in a street or home defense scenario

Student requirements;

Ability to safely draw and fire a handgun one handed. Previous attendance in a course beyond the basic CCW class is a plus.

A quality strong side or appendix carry outside or inside the waistband holster from which the shooter can safely draw and re-holster with one hand. Soft clip-on or nylon type holsters, or holsters that collapse and disallow re-holstering with one hand, or shoulder holsters, are unsuitable for this type of training. Please do not use a Serpa holster unless you are required by agency policy to carry one.

150 rounds of ammunition.

A handheld light. Weapon mounted lights are allowed as well, but a handheld light is mandatory. I have a large collection of handheld lights. If the student does not already have a handheld light delivering over 100 lumens with a momentary switch then I can provide a loaner light, if this request is made in advance.

Clear eye protection, hearing protection (electronic hearing protection that allows range commands to be heard is prefered), ball cap or other hat with a brim. Clothing appropriate to the weather.

Cost: $75

Half of all proceeds will be donated to Flint Hills Foster Teens Camps

Questions ref the class can be directed to chuck@agiletactical.com