OC spray/Less Lethal Options for non LE/Street Encounter Skills, near Manhattan KS

Event Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Event Time: 11am-3pm

Half of all proceeds for this class will be donated to Flint Hills Foster Teens Camps

This class is a 4 hour version of the training that I have offered at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference as”Something Between a Harsh Word and a Gun”, the Paul-E-Palooza tactical conference, and several others venues.

This training will explore realistic less than lethal defensive options for people in a non law enforcement capacity, be they off duty cops, concealed carry people, folks traveling out of the country or other places that guns are not allowed, high school or college students, etc.

Students will be introduced to the concept of “MUC”, Managing Unknown Contacts, as a method to detect pre assault behavior and prevent criminal assault.

Emphasis will be placed on the use of verbal skills, spacial relationships, and OC spray to stop criminal assaults.

Inert spray will be used in this training, no live spray will be used. Use of flashlights as a deterrent or impact weapon in a low light setting will also be explored.

Inert spray and dummy handguns for use in the drills portion of the class will be provided. If the student already has a concealed carry holster for a Glock 17 /19, S&W 642, Ruger LCR that they prefer to use they should bring that to class. If the student has their own dummy gun and holster that they would like to use then please bring this to class.

Topics covered include;

Realistic non lethal/less lethal options for non law enforcement.

What to look for in a good OC spray (there is a lot of ineffective and poor quality spray on the market!)

Detecting pre assault cues

The criminal assault paradigm

Verbal agility

Using less than lethal tools to avoid criminal assault and when they are appropriate vs going to guns

Transitioning from less lethal to lethal force if needed, if the student is a concealed carry person

Non lethal home and classroom defense options for those who choose to not have a gun, or are forced by policy to do so.

Use of OC spray by those too young to qualify for concealed carry of a handgun will be discussed if there are students in this age range, or parents. This training would be appropriate for responsible high school aged teenagers and college students

Questions can be directed to chuck@agiletactical.com