Tactical Anatomy Instructor course, Mead Hall range, OKC area, Oct 8-9

Event Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022 to Monday, October 10, 2022
Event Time: 8-5

I’m excited to be asked to AI this class with my friend and mentor Dr. James Williams. This is an extended 16 hour version of this class.
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Short description;

Tactical Anatomy Instructor Development Course (TAIDC)

This 16-hour class is offered to firearms instructors who recognize the need for peace officers and righteous non-sworn civilians to use their firearm in deadly force scenarios with surgical precision. Tactical Anatomy Systems’ landmark course, Shooting With Xray Vision, has been used to train cops and civilians for more than 20 years, dramatically improving the odds of not just surviving, but emerging victorious from a lethal force scenario. It has been taught in the US, Canada, and overseas, and is POST certified in several US states.


This is far more than a “shot placement” class. At the conclusion of this class, attendees will learn and be able to elucidate the foundations of surgical speed shooting from the practical, legal, ethical, ballistic, anatomic, and physiological perspectives. They will also be able to conduct the practical exercises necessary to “hard-wire” the concepts and skills of SXRV into their students.


As opposed to the basic 8-hour SXRV course, this is an advanced level class designed to prepare the experienced firearms instructor in teaching the anatomic and ballistic realities of deadly force shootings. Attendees must hold an Instructor credential from a recognized training organization such as NRA, your state DOJ (law enforcement), or recognized civilian training entity such as Massad Ayoob Group, Rangemaster, or other. Attendees may be active or retired LE, or may be non-sworn civilian instructors.


Attendees will be given opportunity to not just learn the basic material of the SXRV course, but will be given tools that will make them competent instructors in the curriculum. They will be expected to participate fully in the topics and exercises provided. This is a hands-on, give-and-take class. Each attendee will have opportunity to play student and instructor roles in turn. Live fire exercises will require attendees to demonstrate proficiency with their personal or duty handgun, carbine (+/-shotgun) and they are expected to be “up to speed” in their personal performance in these disciplines.


Course Outline:

  1. Rationale for anatomic target acquisition in lethal force situations
  2. Use of deadly force:  ethics, politics, and practicalities
  3. Fundamentals of external and terminal ballistics
  4. Static and dynamic realities of Officer/Citizen-Involved Shootings
  5. Gunshot wounding and incapacitation
  6. Anatomic zones of incapacitation
  7. Three-dimensional anatomic visualization
  8. Classroom exercises: setup, conduct, and critique
  9. Computer simulator exercises:  setup, conduct, and critique
  10. Force on Force exercises (classroom): setup, conduct, and critique
  11. Live fire exercises (range):  setup, conduct, and critique
  12. Safety protocols for Shooting With Xray Vision


Course prerequisites: 

  1. Firearms instructor credential
  2. Law Enforcement Credentials or Current Concealed Carry Permit/Clean Background Check