Defensive Long Gun, Racine County Line Rifle Club

Event Date: Sunday, June 16, 2019
Event Time: 0800-1600hrs

This course will explore the various options one can apply to the role of long guns for home defense and dual purpose use such as predator control, etc.

Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) for maximizing one’s choice in long gun will be taught. Setting up various long guns for maximum utility will be explored.

For this class a student will be able to utilize long guns not traditionally brought to a “carbine” class. Any safe and reliable centerfire semi auto rifle or pistol caliber carbine, magazine fed semi auto rimfire rifle, pump or semi auto shotgun would be appropriate for this class.

Topics covered include;

The “Why?” of various choices of long guns for these roles, and how to choose what may be best for the student’s needs

Setting up the long gun for maximum utility and ease of use.

Ammunition selection and ballistic gel demonstration.

Zero’ing or patterning the chosen long gun for maximum utility to the user

Ready positions and snap shooting at close ranges

Dealing with the sight off-set problem

Long gun retention and extreme close quarters use

Malfunction clearing and other “Plan B” options in case the long gun suffers a stoppage or failure.

Ammunition requirements;

.22lr; 400 rounds minimum

Centerfire magazine fed semi-auto rifles such AR15s and AKs, and centerfire pistol caliber carbines; 200 rounds minimum

Shotguns; 75 rounds of birdshot, 10 rounds of buckshot, 5 slugs

Students who are not members of the RCLRC will have to pay a $25 range fee, payable to the range on the day of the class.

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