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A/TaC offers all levels of firearms training, from basic beginner fundamentals to advanced marksmanship and specialized skills. The founder, Chuck Haggard, has been training civilians, police officers, and military personnel for more than 30 years. He is certified to teach every class of firearms, including handguns, carbines, shotguns, and rifles. A/TaC can design a program tailored to meet the client’s needs — whether for concealed carry, home defense, competition, military, police, or other applications. Whether the client is a large group or a single person, our highly-customizable curriculum can be easily adapted to ensure that our clients get all the information they need and none of the information they don’t need. Back to Top…



One of the fastest-growing areas of training nowadays is defensive tactics. This is critically important both for law enforcement and for civilian personal defense. If the true goal is effective personal defense (as opposed to just shooting proficiency), then equipment and marksmanship are only the beginning. Tactical training from A/TaC equips people with the mindset, attitude, and strategic problem-solving skills to anticipate threats and handle them proactively rather than reactively. Back to Top…



As celebrities, executives, corporations, and small businesses work to lessen their exposure to harm or loss, they often look to the private sector for their security needs. And as local governments adjust to shrinking budgets, they too are turning more and more to private contractors for fugitive recovery, service of process, courtroom security, and other tasks. A/TaC offers top-notch training for practitioners in all of these fields. Whether you are an unarmed security guard or a high-profile athlete, we can train you or your security team to maximize safety and minimize risk, using whatever weapon system best meets your needs and circumstances. Back to Top…



While the training world has no shortage of marksmanship enthusiasts, very few can genuinely claim any expertise in less-lethal systems. But since not every situation calls for a firearm, Chuck Haggard is a firm believer in keeping other options available and knowing how to deploy them effectively. He is an expert and certified instructor in the use of several varieties of batons, O.C. spray, Tasers, and other compliance and control tools. He also offers instructor-level training for the Monadnock MEB baton and PR-24 baton. Back to Top…



For law enforcement agencies and officers, A/TaC offers a full range of courses and seminars on reasonable use of force and the practical application of the force continuum. As a longtime NLETC instructor, Chuck Haggard teaches standard NLETC courses as well as agency-specific courses that are individually designed for particular locales. He teaches user-level and instructor-level classes on the following topics:

  • Effective use of OC spray
  • Suspect control tactics
  • Officer defensive tactics
  • Handgun/long gun retention and disarming system
  • Ground Control and Defense
  • Power Handcuffing system
  • LVNR
  • Other disciplines by request

Chuck is also an avid student of Fourth Amendment legal precedent. He has designed and taught seminars on Graham v. Connor,  Tennessee v. Garner, and other landmark rulings and their implications for modern law enforcement in both urban and rural settings. In today’s litigious environment, police departments cannot afford to settle for anything less than the very best training on reasonable use of force. Click here to contact us for more information on this invaluable service. Back to Top…



Law enforcement agencies only call upon their special response units when the stakes have risen to absolutely critical heights. So it is imperative that all SWAT teams receive only the best training from highly-experienced professionals. Chuck Haggard served on his agency’s SWAT Team for eighteen years, including several years as a supervisor. He has conducted workshops, interactive courses, live-fire training, and practical application drills for SWAT officers and other special operators of all types and experience levels. To learn more about our elite, outcome-focused training on special weapons and tactics, contact A/TaC and let us design a course to meet your agency’s needs. Back to Top…



The “active shooter” (mass murderer or spree killer) has been the object of intense media attention lately. When these situations arise, a swift and effective response from law enforcement is essential. Given the relative rarity of active shooter incidents, there are very few trainers who have any first-hand experience on the subject. Chuck Haggard, on the other hand, has personally responded to not one but two active shooter situations in his career. He has also written and lectured extensively on the active shooter phenomenon, presenting in-depth analyses of several infamous cases from the Port Arthur massacre, to Columbine, to Newtown. Chuck is an outspoken advocate of the immediate action rapid deployment strategy for first responders to active shooter situations. He is also available to train school officials, teachers, and other non-law-enforcement personnel on effective civilian responses to potential mass casualty threats. Back to Top… 


If you would like more information on these and other training options from A/TaC, please contact us.