Student feedback from a recent class….

It’s always nice to get positive feedback from students after a class is complete.  I asked for Donna’s permission to use her comments, from a email she sent me, in this post.

I have heard second hand that I can come off as a bit “intense” to new students who have not attended my classes.

Donna notes;


I enjoyed your OC class with Annette. Your training was practical & valuable; good balance between classroom & hands-on. Thank you, especially, for making me feel comfortable, as I was probably the least experienced in the class (except for Annette’s cousin!) with this kind of training. I do enjoy competitive shooting; however I will turn my training toward practical self-defense & safety. It’s a journey.
Thanks again & all the best to you.
Donna Millan”
and in reply to my request to use her comments; “Chuck: please feel free to share! Intensity can be mistaken for being intimidating, but really—intensity is passion. And passion about teaching, sharing because you care is a good thing.”
Very well stated.
Donna attended my second OC spray instructor course, which was recently offered at my friend Annette Evans’ excellent Race Street Range facility.

Thank you Donna, for attending the class, and for your kind comments.