OC Spray

Class AAR, Oc spray and Low Light training

The Civilian Gunfighter was kind enough to both attend my recent training at Race Street Range, and to write up a detailed AAR. AAR: Agile Training & Consulting (Chuck Haggard) “Civilian Pepper Spray and Flashlight Use” Course, Upland, PA 11/11/18

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Student feedback from a recent class….

It’s always nice to get positive feedback from students after a class is complete.  I asked for Donna’s permission to use her comments, from a email she sent me, in this post. I have heard second hand that I can come off as a bit “intense” to

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Student AAR, OC spray for the CCW person, McHenry Ill

I am posting this AAR by permission from the student, this was originally posted on the Lightfighter forum, http://www.lightfighter.net/topic/aar-agile-tactical-oc-pepper-spray-course-18sep2015-mchenry-il I can highly recommend Lightfighter for any LEOs, military folks and other serious students of firearms and training, it’s one of the few sites on the internets that I frequent.

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