OC (aka pepper) spray training for the non-law enforcement person;

OC (aka pepper) spray training for the non-law enforcement person;

Training will be held July 30, starting at 6:30pm, at 1315 SW 6St in Topeka.

This class will explore the use of OC spray for defensive use by the non-LE person, tactics being taught would be appropriate and useful for LEOs though, especially for off-duty cops, plain clothes, etc.
We will also examine other less-lethal/less than lethal non-firearms defensive options such as civilian Tasers, etc., and where OC spray fits into the defensive training plan for folks who CCW handguns, and folks who do not have firearms as an option.

There will be NO use of live pepper spray during this training (something I have been asked about since people seem to be worried), only the use of inert sprayers to practice best tactics and accuracy of deployment with OC spray.

All needed training materials will be provided.

This course is moderately physical in nature for the folks choosing to participate in the practical exercises, and the use of the inert OC spray may result in student s getting wet (again, the spray is inert, and only water is deployed in the training sprayers). Think squirt gun fight type of wet, not falling into a pool wet.

Those interested please e-mail me at [email protected] to register.

The course cost is $20