Low light street and home defense tactics, April 18 2020, SLC area UT

Event Date: Saturday, April 18, 2020
Event Time: 1pm-5pm

This 4 hour course will explore the use of white light as a tool for self defense in a street encounter, and how to apply low light and search tactics to a home defense scenario.

Topics covered will include;

Use of white light to “de-select” yourself as a victim of a street crime

Flashlight striking techniques for self defense purposes

Correct use of light in a home defense scenario (there is WAY more to it than just turning the light on, or shooting techniques)

Realistic techniques for integrating use of a flashlight with a handgun

Pros and cons to the use of weapon mounted lights

Cornering, indoor tactics, working doorways, reading interior spaces

Dealing with the “don’t shoot yet” problem

This class will use the indoor spaces at TNT for realistic indoor scenario training. For safety purposes all training will be conducted with dummy guns and flashlights. There is no live fire portion to this class.


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