Agile Tactical Pistol, Nashville area

Event Date: Sunday, December 17, 2023
Event Time: 0800-1700hrs

Due to the sale and closing of the original host range, this class has been moved to Outpost Armory in Murfreesboro TN

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This course is a one day distillation of the critical pistol skills that I have been teaching cops, military, and concealed carry/average earth people for a number of years.

This course will cover the tactical use of the semi auto pistol from close contact out to 25 yards, and the critical skills proven over the course of many years that are required to prevail in a fight AND pass review in court after the event.

Subject matter covered includes;

Grips, sights, trigger, and the interplay require to make fast and accurate hits at various ranges

Recoil control

Draw stroke

Malfunctions, the causes, and mitigation, TTPs required to stay in the fight

Alternative emergency sighting methods


One and two handed shooting

Close quarters shooting techniques

Getting hits at distance

Tactical anatomy and the real world levels of accuracy required to achieve fight stopping hits

This class will include a recognized and scored law enforcement qualification course at the end

Student requirements;

This is NOT a basic handgun course. Students should already have enough training and experience to safely draw from a holster and be aware of muzzle direction/trigger finger.

A safe and reliable semi auto pistol, making sure it’s cleaned and lubricated ahead of time is a smart move, if you are using an optic please make sure you have fresh or spare batteries

Students may work from concealment or from open carry/duty belt as they choose.

A safe holster. This can be inside or outside the waistband. However the holster MUST allow reholstering repeatedly through the course, so soft leather or hybrid holsters (such as the popular Crossbreed) holsters that collapse are unsafe and unsuitable for the class.

Serpa holsters (and other such holsters that use a trigger finger to release the retention mechanism) are not allowed unless the student is a law enforcement officer using an issued duty style Serpa holster AND is required by agency policy to use this holster.

Clear eye protection (this is an indoor range) and hearing protection

At least three magazines for double stack pistols, six for single stack pistols such as 1911s, magazine pouch or pouches to allow at least one magazine to be reloaded quickly during specific drills (but two is better)

500 rounds of quality ammunition (this is not the time to save money and try out your Uncle Cheech’s reloaded garlic soaked heat seekers in order to save money, unreliable ammo will eave you both consistently behind and unhappy)