Glock trigger improvements

Awhile back in a FB discussion thread I asked Freddie Blish of Robar about getting some of the Glock trigger parts from my guns coated with NP3 to try and slick things up as far as trigger pull. Freddie graciously offered to have me send it a couple of sets of parts so I could get them coated and we could try out the concept.

I sent in two sets of; trigger/trigger bar, firing pin, firing pin safety, connector and trigger pin. One was from my primary CCW carry G19 and the other was from a gen 3 G17 I have set up as a training and IDPA/USPSA gun.

I got the parts back today in the mail. Parts are noticeably slicker to the touch, as one might expect from NP3. I installed the parts back in the guns and did the armorer checks, everything checked out normal. I then started dry firing, and noted immediately that the trigger pull on both guns is slicker with zero grit or drag.

Before sundown I got out to the range and put 200 rounds of mixed ball and JHPs through each gun. Reliability was still 100%. While the guns obviously were not magically converted to NM target guns, the smoother triggers were noticeably better and easier to work with.

More to follow.