To gun or not to gun, that is the question….

Guns are not in fact for everyone, and that’s a fact.  Seeing a post from my friend Claude Werner on Facebook prompted me to start thinking about that subject again.

“Deciding whether to carry, or even own, a gun is an intensely personal decision on the order of whether to lose one’s virginity, adopt a new religion, get married, or have a child. If someone else pushes you into it, rather than deciding on your own, the results are unlikely to be positive. I never proselytize about it, only provide information when asked.”
Claude Werner

A lot of people know me as a gun guy, but I feel the same as Claude, he is just so very good at putting things into a cogent written idea.
This is why I offer non-gun options to people who choose to not go the defensive gun ownership or carry route but might want some sort of way to defend themselves.

Owning a gun does not happen, or shouldn’t, in a vacuum, these are many considerations to think about that go with gun ownership, such as training, safe storage if the gun is for use in the home only, safe carry methods if the gun is for carry, children or other family members or friends who you may not want to have access to the gun, etc.  It is in fact a lifestyle change and should be looked upon as such.