AAR; Agile Training, Basic AR15 class, 4/25/2015

This was a by request class that I held at my friend Buck Peddicord’s excellent Defense Midwest range and training facility.  Buck has hosted a number of trainers over the years, including TDSA-Tulsa, Pat Rogers’ most excellent EAG carbine course, Max Joseph’s team tactics classes, etc.

The focus of the training this time was for persons with zero to minimal experience with the AR15 platform.  The students ranged from minimally to very experienced.

Weather was almost perfect for the day, with only light drizzle at one point.

Class was conducted to include the following;

Safety rules.  I am a big believer in solid trigger finger and muzzle discipline, and use of the safety for the AR platform was ruthlessly addressed.

Set-up and operation of the AR15 carbine, loading, unloading, malfunctions, lubrication, ammunition choices, magazine choices, optics, slings, etc.

Zeroing exercise to give everyone a solid zero at either the 50 or the 100.  Zeroing options, and why one of these two options was the best choice, were discussed.  We started at the 25 yard line to insure everyone was on paper, and worked out way back to the 50 and then to the 100.

All firing at this point was from prone, and we worked on solid position and fundamentals, including trigger control, breathing, natural point of aim, and using the magazine as a monopod for support.

After everyone had a solid zero we worked back to the 10-3 yard lines and introduced the idea of sight off-set and close range shooting with the carbines.  Drills included introduction to aiming points on the human body, aka Tactical Anatomy, failure drills, NSRs drills, safely moving with the gun and while firing, pivots with the gun to engage flanking targets.

I did a demo on pistol vs rifle terminal ballistics using water jugs to capture the bullets, and including shooting though old body armor as an obstacle.

The class ended the live fire portion with everyone shooting, and passing, my old TPD #1 carbine qual course.

We then went into the classroom and discussed cleaning, cleaning gear, maintenance points to be aware of, etc.

The class had minimal problems, however one of the student’s DPMS rifles had consistent issues until we got those resolved, which appeared to be due to an off-brand 20 round polymer magazine with any ammo used, and the use of HotShot 55gr ammo from quality mags.  When run with M193 or M855 through MagPul magazines the gun ran fine, especially after being lubed.

Feedback on the class from the students was positive, and I was asked to do another class down the road.

All in all, it was a good day at the range.


Thanks to Brett for the video footage and editing highlights for a YouTube video;