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Leadership, good observations from BBC (no, the other BBC…)

Great job by the guys at Breach, Bang, Clear on the subject. Lately, with various scandals and questionable shootings by several large PDs, and the noted jackassery on the national election front, it’s clear that folks in the USofA need to study up more on this subject… […]

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Active mass murder, aka “active-shooter” events……

Today seems like a good day to repost this one. I’ll note that the only historically proven way to stop an active mass murder in-progress is for an armed solo responder, be they “civilian” or cop, to start shooting back: Solo response to the active-shooter Although I […]

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Excited Delirium and the non LE/First Responder

A few years back I gave a presentation at the first Paul-E-Palooza  on the subject of Excited Delirium (aka ExD).  I was a bit surprised by the level of interest in that class since the students turned out to be mainly non LE or medical folks (my normal […]

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