Never Stop Trying

I’ve said more than a few times that one can be a tactically squared away cop AND still be nice to people. I’ve always tried to be both as much as possible. Sometimes failing in both areas, but one tries. I was at the gym when a

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What is a “small pistol”?

I get this question a lot from folks who have interest in my “pocket rockets”, aka “small pistol skills”, aka “practical practice with pocket poppers” course. The answer is, well, it depends… Quite a bit depends on the shooter’s hand size vs the gun. For me, at

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Hello, and welcome……..

Welcome to my blog! This is where I’ll occasionally think outloud for anyone who’s interested. Please feel free to post comments, but of course, I reserve the right to delete anything that isn’t fit for public consumption (and block the author if necessary). Thanks! – Chuck

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