Active Shooter

Active mass murder, aka “active-shooter” events……

Today seems like a good day to repost this one. I’ll note that the only historically proven way to stop an active mass murder in-progress is for an armed solo responder, be they “civilian” or cop, to start shooting back: Solo response to the active-shooter Although I […]

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Yet another TQ success story….

I saw this on my news feed yesterday.  It’s yet another example of law enforcement needing training in TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) type training, and in use of TQs (tourniquets). This has been slowly realized in many places, and TQs have had a bad rep for […]

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Active Shooter Article

I originally wrote this article for the Tactical Wire back in 2008, but I got such a huge response from it that I figured I’d repost it here for anyone who’s interested. Enjoy. I welcome your feedback. – Chuck Single Officer Response in Active Shooter Events (originally published July […]

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